What Is A Playlist?

What is a playlist?

playlist is a group of tracks that you can save and listen to at your leisure.

There are two types of playlist!

User created playlist and platform created playlist.

Obviously the platform created playlist my require more effort, connections or money to get your music on.

While on the other hand there are thousands of user created playlist with 100’s of thousands of followers aka potential fans for you to get noticed by.

The real question is

who are your dream fans?


who has them already?

– Russell Brunson

Your ‘Dream 100’ are the “100” artist, radio station, podcast, magazines, music producers, video directors, club/event promoters, (you see where im going with this) that have YOUR dream fans.

This is the key to getting your name/brand in front of the right audience for your style of music.

A mistake a lot of artist make early in their career is trying to promote their music to ANY and EVERYONE!

This is not always the best way to go. Not everyone is going to be interested in the type of music you make.

For example, if you make music that sounds similar to NBA Youngboy, then you would target people who are already fans of NBA Youngboy and artist similar to him, like Kevin Gates, or Boosie.

So when it comes to playlist.

If you make trap music or even more specifically, trap music that sounds similar to NBA Youngboy.

You should try to get your music placed on playlist that already feature NBA Youngboy’s music.

How do you get your music on playlist?

First you should make sure your music is ready!

Tracked, mixed and mastered properly.

Doesn’t matter if you go to a big high end studio or you do everything yourself. It just need to sound GOOD.

Then, have it uploaded to a digital distribution platform like Distro Kid or Tunecore among others.

I‘ll talk more about digital distributors in another post.

Once your music is mixed, mastered and out on all the top streaming platforms, it’s time to run those streams up so you can grow your fanbase and your income!

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Do your research!

Use google for the amazing tool that it is.

Search for phrases such as “Spotify Playlist Curators” or “How to get my music on (Spotify/Apple Music) playlist”

or any number of ways you can ask the questions to get the answers you need.

Browse and search through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn for more direct connections to anyone who may can get your music on more playlist.

Some may charge a fee some may do it for free.

You have to determine where you are in your career and how much you want to invest in yourself.

The more playlist you get your music on the more potential fans you can reach.

The more fans you reach, the more streams you get.

The more stream you get, you guessed it!

The more money you make!

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