Make Money On Spotify & Apple Music

Get Your Music On – PAID – Streaming Services ASAP!

Spotify Payout Ex,: 1,000,000 (streams) x $0.00397 (per stream) x 4 (weeks)

= $15,880 (A Month)


You took your precious time and spent your hard earned money to find a beat, create a hook, write your verses, book studio time, record a decent track, have it mixed and promoted it on your social media for weeks and got GREAT feedback and even THOUSANDS of streams. Yet, 6 months/1 year later you haven’t even made .01 cent from that song/project.

Why? because those “popular” free streaming services DO NOT PAY ARTIST!

Don’t waste time promoting your music on – non paying – streaming services like Spinrilla, Datpiff, Livemixtapes, etc.

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If you focus on these platforms when it comes to promoting your music you are guaranteed to make money even with minimum promotion!

The Key đź”‘ = PLAYLIST!

Playlist like RapCaviar (created by Tuma Basa) has a growing 9 million followers on Spotify giving artist a guaranteed million streams a week, which at $0.00397 per stream is around $15,880 A MONTH … for ONE song!

So, of course not everyone will be pulling in a million streams a week starting out but the more songs you release, building your catalog on these platforms… the more likely you are to have a song picked up by multiple user created playlist. Which will in return make Spotify more likely to add your song to their most popular playlist like RapCaviar.

Click The link below to get my Hustle ebook for a step by step guide on HOW to get your music on these platforms using digital distribution platforms like Tunecore and why they are extremely important to your career.

[ YES! I Want To Make Money From My Music ]

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