Why You Should Invest In Yourself

If this is your first visit to this blog you should know that here i teach self sufficiency and developing a business around your career.

Understanding the mindset you will need to operate on a independent level or even to have more control in your career as a signed artist.

Either way you should be the C.E.O. of your career and your life as a whole.

Hire and fire who you want in your life, your the boss!

Whether it be a manager / label or even a spouse / relationship.

Be in control and write your own story. Being the lead star character in your own movie is the key to ultimate happiness.

And however you see yourself in the world is exactly how the world will see you.

Buy Low Sell High

As a rapper / artist who is in control of his / her business you should want to be able to create as much music / products so that your business can produce more profitable income aka ROI (return on investment)

Investing in some audio equipment and learning to record yourself may be one of the most valuable skills you can learn as an artist in your entire career.

This is the number one ways to save MONEY and TIME when it comes to getting ideas started and new songs out to the world.

You don’t have to be a professional recording engineer or make it a full time career but just understanding the basics of recording and layering your vocals along with the most basic cut and edit skills will be monumentum in your success and progress.

This alone can be the difference between getting a few songs a month done and several songs done every single day!

The mixing and mastering can always be done at a later time by a skilled engineer or you can develop the skill yourself.

The point being, as the artist you want to be able to create as much music as possible, as fast as possible with minimum effort.

Every song you create could be the one that makes everything else fall into place.

You Never Know

I cant tell you how many times the beat that i wasnt gonna start or was about to delete turned out to be the one an artist uses on their album.

Just recently JD Daigotti; who is signed to Boosie’s Badazz Ent., released his album Guitars In The Trap House 2.

JD Daigotti | Guitars In The Traphouse 2

I was sharing his social post but hadn’t had time to play it through yet. It wasn’t until a few weeks later Yung HD asked if i had a placement on his album.


I said “uhmm no” .. He asked “you sure? im pretty sure its your beat, i know ive heard it before.”

So we pull it up on spotify and sure enough, track #3 – Just Made A Jug instantly took me back almost FIVE YEARS.

A song we collaborated on years before he ever even signed his deal.

A beat i NEVER imagined anyone would even record to much less get a placement for.

Playing the numbers game and recording as much and as many songs as possible while also working to improve and experiment with your voice, your tone, your energy and any of the weakest aspects of your game can help you develop and reach success at a much faster pace.

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