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Let me guess, you have been using all your handy dandy social media platforms to share links to your new music, yet you still get about the same results time and time again. You have yet to go viral, or get many plays or views period. This is a mistake i see way to many artist making when trying to promote their music.
Here are a few tips to help your music grow and reach the RIGHT fans.

First thing first,

Be Sure You’re Making Quality Music

Now, I wont be spending much time on this topic because this is a no brainer. Having a quality product to sell is always going to be the first step when you are spending a lot of time and investing money into getting your product out in front of the world. So when it comes to getting your music heard you want to make sure you are giving them your best impression of yourself as not just an artist trying to get listens but a brand that says “I take my craft serious, and i want you to see me at my full potential”.

This means making the best choices for your brands value. Everything from the quality of studio mix to the beat selection you choose for your single/album and even your Facebook profile image quality are all details that separates potential fans from viewing you (someone they have never heard of) as a amateur just like all their other Facebook friends or a potential star they want to see and HELP grow bigger by sharing your music!

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STOP Spamming Your Friends!

We get it, you’re an up and coming artist and you want to make sure you share your music with everyone you know to make sure you get the most likes views and listens possible! The problem is, so is everyone else. The key to successful marketing is marketing to the RIGHT people and not just any and everybody you know hoping the numbers game (the more people you tag) will land you big views and likes on your new music. If your “friends” really support your music and career, they WILL like your Facebook Artist Page, they WILL follow you on your social media, and they WILL join your mailing list!

This tells you that they are literally giving you permission to promote and share your music with them and they want to stay updated with what you have going on. THESE are the people you promote your music/product to via your social media accounts, these are the people who will like your post, watch your videos, share and comment on your music.

Invest In Paid Promotion

Now that you have weaved out the fake and non supporters and are focused on your true supporters aka “fans” the numbers may not look so strong compared to the 5,000 friends you tagged earlier. You may be wonder how do you get MORE true supporters…. its simple, Pay for your promotion!

Nobody wants to hear it, but thats the name of the game. Like the saying’s go “There is no free lunch”… “You get what you pay for” thats the way business works in general. The brand that is most familiar makes the most money. Think Nike, McDonalds, Walmart, Apple. Why are these brands so successful? Because they are EVERYWHERE their true supporters are! You wont find Nike, promoting in the local grocery store but they will use your idols like Michael Jordan and LeBron James to advertise to you!

Ask yourself do you promote ONLY to your potential true supporter? ONLY to people you know have a high percentage chance of liking your specific product/music? If not then thats where you are missing out. Paid promotion lest you target those potential fans specifically.

Instead of promoting to the entire world or everyone on your friends list, promote only to people who like music/products similar the ones you are promoting. Example, If you make slow Drake type music, promote to drake fans. If you make uptempo trap music, promote to fans of other artist  who make uptempo trap music.



Build Relationships With Your Fans

The best way to make lasting fans is to build relationships with them. Lets face it, nothing beats building a relationship faster than face to face interaction and conversation. Being out on the road and meeting the people who show support by coming to your shows, buying tickets, cd’s, merch, and sharing your music is hands down the number one way to make it last.

Unfortunately, we are all not at that point in our careers and cant afford to travel the world to meet all these new fans we acquired from effectively promoting to our true supporters and potential fans. So, what we have to do is take advantage of social media and how it should be used when building a relationship.

Social media is just that, for MEDIA. Its your own personal news broadcast to all your fans wanting to know what you have going on in your career. This is where you show them why they should invest their off time from work, find a sitter for the kids to attend your shows, get off Facebook and spend their hard earned money with you. GIVE THEM CONTENT. Not just “buy my music” and “check out my single”…

Post your behind-the-scenes studio sessions on Snapchat and Facebook Live (on your artist page). Hire someone to record your shows and footage of you interacting with your fans and post them on YouTube and Instagram. Let them know whats on your mind via Twitter. This is the kind of content to can promote to potential fans.

Build A Mailing List

There is a reason email is used by 80% of ALL businesses no matter what field and trust me you do not want to miss out on all that potential income!

When was the last time you bought anything online and didn’t have to enter your email address at some point of the sale?  NEVER right? Thats because businesses now know how important collecting your email is to having you shop with them again, and again, and again.

This is how you reach your fans DIRECTLY! Easier to reach and organize than those ever changing phone numbers and cheaper than any other advertising platform but generates the highest ROI (return on income) for the dollar.

Because this blog is already really long i will make another post soon going deeper into why you NEED a mailing list.

– A1

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