How Rappers Get UNLIMITED Song Distribution Without A Huge Budget For A Whole Year

Let me ask you something…

If you could release unlimited songs and albums for a whole year, how many songs do you think you would actually release?

10? .. 45? .. 100?

Well with distrokid you can do just that.

Release UNLIMITED songs for a whole year for only $20

Even get a additional 7% off when you use this link: DistroKid Release Discount

Why let your music just sit on your computer hard drive when your music could be making you money every single day

Making a impact on someones life every single day

When your music is on apple music, spotify, tidal, youtube and all the major streaming platforms that pay

Artist like Russ was able to build his following and paycheck to $100s of thousands per month using this strategy


By consistently releasing music every single friday for 2+ years

Songs he released in 🎶 2014 – 2015 was going gold and platinum in 2017 – 2018 💿

With DistroKid you can do that for only $20 and save a aditional 7% when you use my partnership link :

DistroKid x A100DRUMZ Productions Affiliate Partnership

PS: Once you sign up for unlimited distribution you can get free beats with distribution rights for your upcoming releases when you lease 2 or more beats

lease 2 get 1 free / lease 3 get 2 free / lease 4 get 4 free / lease 5 get 5 free / lease 10 get 15 free

Get a additional 5% on your next beat lease with code: BLOG5

Visit A100DRUMZ.COM to hear the latest new beat releases

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