4 Reasons You Need A Mailing List

If you are a artist then whether you know it or not you have a brand and that brand needs to be promoted in order to grow. There is no getting around it, you absolutely need a mailing list no matter what niche or business field you are in. For this blog i will focus on musicians looking to build their brand and grow their fan base.

I know you are thinking “why do i need a mailing list when i have social media?”… Well, first let me say being active on social media is very important part of your branding but there is a reason 80% of ALL businesses use email marketing for their business. That means businesses use email marketing more than TV ads, Social Media, Radio, And Physical Ads.


Before we dive into the uses i want you to understand who your mailing list is for. As an artist your overall goal is to live off your art correct? In order for you to make a living you must sell your art, in order to sell you must have customers who are willing to spend their hard earned money on YOUR art.

How? …By building relationships and turning them into your customers. How do you do that you ask? By not only selling your art/product but selling an experience! That experience begins well before you ask them to buy anything.

Now, who should be on this list? You don’t just promote to every email you see lying around the internet or business card you find you must promote to YOUR targeted fans!

Anyone who has ever shared your music, liked your Facebook artist page, commented on your music video or Soundcloud post and especially anyone who has ever come to a show or bought a cd, t shirt, wristband, etc. Those are the people who are showing they support you and want to see you continue on your journey. That’s a good place to start!

Thank them; be genuine, start a conversation (what did they did and didn’t like, what they want more of, etc.) to build a relationship and ! GET THOSE EMAILS!!

Here are a few of the top reasons every artist should have a mailing list:


Branding is all about being everywhere you could possibly find potential fans. Social media, magazines, radio stations, TV, and in the streets (word of mouth). With so many platforms to cover it can be difficult to reach them all unless you have a way to contact them directly at the same time.



Use your email list to promote you new music video or in studio footage working on new music while asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Show them how lit your photo shoot was by sending them to your Instagram page (Ask them to follow). Make sure they know about the new magazine article or radio interview. There are countless ways to keep feeding your fans more content without you having to “create” anything, just document what you are already doing, be creative and look to your idols for direction.

Long Term Fans

If you want to have lasting career in music long after your 15 mins are up then you NEED long term die hard will support you no matter what super fans. The one way I know how to gain someones loyalty is to be loyal to them. Keep giving out free music and content and even shows, keep them updated on your moves, always keep your promises, and most of all stay consistent. Make show your fans KNOW you appreciate them!


Now that your mailing list is filled with emails of targeted fans  when its time to sale tickets for the upcoming tour/show, or new music just released on iTunes with new music video on your YouTube channel you should have no problem making sales because you now have a place to reach all of your fans at once. They already feel connected with you because of all the content you have been sending them for free showing all your hard work and time you put into your craft so they know who and what they are supporting.


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