Becoming A Brand

Lets get right into it, what is it that makes a superstar a SUPERSTAR?

Is it the money and expensive cars next to a mega mansion? .. or is the lavish lifestyle and model-like spouse mingling on their side? Maybe its all the thousands of fans that come to their shows and watch their music videos on YouTube…?

What if i where to tell you that it wasn’t any of those things! What if i told you that a person could have any one or even all of those things and you could not have the slightest clue who they where if they knocked on your door right this very second. Perhaps you have even crossed paths with them and had no idea they where anyone of any kind of statue.


So, what is a superstar?



  1. a high-profile and extremely successful performer or athlete.

Nowhere in this definition of the word does it mention any kind of material description or life style pedestal that makes a person a superstar. So what is it?

The key words are high-profile and extremely successfulSimply put, someone who has a MASSIVE presence. The rest (money cars clothes and beautiful women) are all percs of first acquiring these superstar attributes!

Lets take the late G.O.A.T. Michael Jackson for example! He is the most high-profile person i can think to have exist in the last century. EVERYONE knows who he is.

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Take away his money and material assets and well, .. he is still Michael Jackson! He can still walk onto a stage and have a million people and cameras tracking his every muscle twitch and batch of an eye.


Its simply the presence of someone you have seen or heard of sooo much it is almost surreal to even be in that persons general awareness.

It is THAT power that draws in all of the amazing percs that we see so many superstars taking advantage of once they begin to excel at their craft and into superstardom.

Side Story:

During my time working at the LaQuinta Inn & Suites in my very very small hometown as a front desk night audit i see a group of exhausted men dressed in black dragging into the lobby what obviously seemed to be an assortment of band instruments in their oddly shaped instrument cases. So me being the musician that i am thought hey.. a band, on the road, maybe they could share some info on getting more shows as a artist. Can’t hurt right?

One of them approaches the front desk to check in and get room keys (already booked, 2 band members a room). I ask him if they where playing in town, he simply replied no just passing threw. As i hand him the room keys i ask if they have any music i can check out. He said sure and asked if i heard of the American Authors .. i replied nah, doesn’t ring a bell. He went on to say he was the manager and told me to check out this one particular song and i jot it down on a piece of paper as he heads off, me thinking nothing of it and continues to run my night audit routine. I mozzied on back to my laptop in the back and after a few moments of YouTube digging decided to give them a search… boy was i surprised! Well on there way to 10+ million views and a music video that matches any popular rock/pop song that i have seen by many top tier bands.

This is crazy! I had no idea who i was speaking too, these guys are HUGE! I’m stoked as i get back to work filing and printing papers for the next shift .. it just so happened we had the TV on one of those early morning MTV music video channels running across from the front desk. Not a hour into my routine i hear “ we have the American Authors with Best Day Of My Life” … WHAT!

Now i’m really in shock and they are still here, i have gotta get a pic right? Well, the lobby got so busy and so many people started to recognize them i didn’t get a chance to squeeze in a picture (i still hate that) but it was a learning experience.

From that point forward i looked at them as complete superstars, not because of what they had on, or what they where driving, or how much money they had, but because they had such a huge presence!

Work on building your overall presence:

  • Online (iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Datpiff, World Star Hip Hop, Blogs) 
  • Offline (Word Of Mouth, Merch, Magazines, Newspapers, CD’s, Billboards, Posters)
  • In Person (Shows, Tours, Parties, Clubs, Music Conferences, Networking Events)

Anyway possible to get your name/brand EVERYWHERE and establish a major presence in your niche and you too will be well on your way to being a SUPERSTAR!

(American Authors – Believer – Live in Australia on X Factor 2014)

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